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... In A Language I Can Understand ...

Загружено пользователем  , дата: 30.08.2009 Track : In A Language I Can Understand.
Artist : Michel Banabila.
Album : Changing Structures.

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Video by Geert Mul / Music by Michel Banabila . . .
Preparations for a new audio visual live performance with instrumental-voices and data-personalities. Категория:Музыка Лицензия: Стандартная лицензия YouTube

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Say No To War

Say No To War - Lebanon- Loves- Israel Нравится эта страница · четверг

Peace & Love (NO WAR ANYMORE ) — с Diana Saffiadeen Tartoussi.
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Lenin's speech: The Middle Peasants ☭ Ленин: О крестьянах-середняках

"The most important question now confronting the Communist Party, the question on which most attention was concentrated at the last Party Congress, is that of the middle peasants.

Naturally, the first question usually asked is, what is a middle peasant?

Naturally, Party comrades have often related how they have been asked this question in the villages. The middle peasant, we say in reply, is a peasant who does not exploit the labour of others, who does not live on the labour of others, who does not take the fruits of other people's labour in any shape or form, but works himself, and lives by his own labour.

Under capitalism there were fewer peasants of this typo than there are now, because the majority of the peasants were in the ranks of the impoverished, and only an insignificant minority, then, as now, were in the ranks of the kulaks, the exploiters, the rich peasants.

The middle peasants have been increasing in number since the private ownership of …

Klangboot Radio #034 ~ Auf der Datscha ~ 20120824

Klangboot zu Gast bei Datscha Radio... 
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