Juice News: Big Brother is WWWatching You

With his unparalleled musical stylings, Robert Foster takes on the rise of the surveillance state. Will the Internet remain the one place where humanity can express itself free of filters and barriers? Or will it become the greatest spying machine ever imagined? 
Special guests in the episode are: The newly appointed Thought Police General of the Panopticon, Darth O'Brien Baxter, a surprisingly lucid Terence Winston Moonseed, and George Orwell.
It's a news show you won't forget…
Felipe (unregistered) October 10, 2012, 09:06 
Evgenia, You can search at Youtube its channel. I leave You, this link video in Youtube, I hope You'll enjoy, which has captions.

See You around =)
Evgenia Karlova (unregistered) October 04, 2012, 15:51 
Dear Robert.
My name is Evgenia Karlova. I'm an English teacher and an author of a teaching method that uses poetry in teaching. I have 7 textbooks published.
I just love your raps!!!! You are the best! 
Could I have your texts, at least some of them, for studying in class with my students?
I couldn't figure out how to find them in written form. Please, help!!!

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