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"Marrow Girl" by Ross Flynn


"Marrow Girl" by Ross Flynn

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Why do we kill people?

Anna Godfrey
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#deepdiscussion Right?!

I would Love to hear why you think this is.

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Human logic >.<

TNX Jack | Nice video

Ade Ex
So how come nobody told me that one side effect of giving up smoking is the rampant return of your horn??? With my reputation I thought that would have been the FIRST thing people told me. I woke up this morning with my throbbing tumescence already in my hand. It would've been churlish not to have made him sick. Within seconds he went from Big Ted to Little Ted to Big Ted, like I'm 12 again. So fear not u are losing a hobby. Another will come along to fill the vacuum. And this one is free, astonishingly enjoyable, and causes no harm whatsoever. It doesn't make you go blind. The fact I wear glasses is a complete coincidence... 8-D x
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Lee Oliver Hahaha

Shona Donaldson It will pass...

Ade Ex True, but so will everything X

Jack Sargeant

Rod Martin Rampant dreams to expect too i suspect

Bring love!

Rebekah Harkness

Cynthia Gardner ONeill
I soul agree +Rebekah Harkness.

dekyi tonyot
ABSOLUTELY right. Love conquers all.

Nils Frahm, Ambre, piano




Sviridov - Time Forward! | Свиридов - Время, вперед!

Time Forward!  (Rumba)  by great Russian composer Georgy Sviridov

Свиридов, Время, вперед!
Программа Время СССР


One of the pieces used at the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia.


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Perfect arrangement to masterpieces by JANE PERKINS

Leodor Selenier
::: Craft
Perfect arrangement to masterpieces by JANE PERKINS

UK-based artist Jane Perkins obtains her inspiration in found objects. She uses anything from toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry etc. as material for her re-interpreted contemporary #art .
Perkins states that she doesn't add any color, her work comes out of spontaneously placed small pieces of right size and shape.

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Zhostovo painting

1979 CPA 4969Public Domainview terms И. Мартынов, Н. Черкасов - Personal collection
Zhostovo painting (Жостовская роспись in Russian) is an old Russian folk handicraft of painting on metal trays, which still exists in a village of Zhostovo in the Moscow Oblast. It appeared in the early 19th century mainly under the influence of the Ural handicraft of flower painting on metal.

Subsequent development of the Zhostovo painting handicraft was stylistically related to porcelain and enamel painting techniques, used by factories near Moscow, flower motifs on printed cotton, produced by the Ivanovo factories, and Lukutin miniature (see Fedoskino miniature).

Zhostovo painting is a handicraft of painting on metal trays, preliminary coated with a few layers of priming (putty) and oil varnish (usually, black). Painting is done in a few consecutive energetic and firm strokes with a soft brush and oil paints, richly diluted with linseed oil. The most widely used motif of the Zhostovo painting is a bu…

Near the Old Sheds

 Near the Old Sheds 1975. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum.
03 September - 03 November 2014
Benois Wing

The exhibition presents the main steps of creative biography of Valentin Sidorov (born 1928) - the People's artist of USSR, the People's artist of Ukraine, full member of the Russian Academy of arts, head of management board of the Union of Artists of Russia and member of the Union of Writers of Russia. The exposition brings together about 90 works from 1950-2000's - paintings and sketches from the artist's studio and from the collection of the Russian Museum, Institute of Russian realistic art (Moscow) and private collections. Valentin Sidorov is an artist of a strongly marked national character. His art is devoted to his homeland, Russia, and deeply connected with its fate. Master of "inspired landscape", Sidorov creates the vivid chronicle of nature's life, speaks about its eternal life cycle and indissoluble links with the fate of the Russi…

US Aggressive Policy Toward Russia Could Trigger Nuke War

US Aggressive Policy Toward Russia Could Trigger Nuke War: Nuclear Disarmament Advocate
02:3809/10/2014Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown a great deal of restraint in the face of provocations by the United States and NATO directly at the Russian borders, but a conflict between the two greatest nuclear powers remains a very grim perspective, Dr. Helen Caldicott, an author and nuclear disarmament advocate told RIA Novosti after a National Press Club Newsmakers news conference "Ukraine: Is Nuclear Conflict Likely?".>> Other news of the day

Natural Management Style

Natural Management Style
George Hoge

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Business English Conversations, LLC video lesson.
George discusses the importance of a natural management style.


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