Vincent Ingala - Can't Stop Now

Wishing everyone a joyous New Year and hope 2015 is an amazing year for you! Wanted to share this passage below - it really sums everything up:
A New Year's Day for our reflections past and for our New Year.
We hope for more prosperity, less tragic chains of events, more insight of ourselves and others so we may have better understanding of the people we live with on this planet. And about our planet, more understanding how to replenish what we use up, how to respect our animals, fish, and birds more so they will live without us destroying them and their habitat.....and our habitat.
We will miss the people who have left us, but know their spirits carry on through us. To those in-need, this is a time to look inside to find that spiritual guidance to help side-step the past and build for the future. And to those of us recovering from the economic hard-times, gaining more and more in a better life which will renew our faith in ourselves and others. That's a spirit in americans that is forever renewing itself.
And with good thoughts to our families, our good friends, our sacrificing military overseas, I'm sure we all wish each other a good year for 2015. Happy New Year!
Now let's play some real music!

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