I am a native Russian with over 30 years of international communicating experience. Communication and translation services are what I have realized I have been doing since mid 80's. It all started in 1980 when I met two Mexican people who came to former Soviet Union for the Summer Olympic Games. By that time I had already graduated middle school where I studied English, so I was able to speak even thou I was worried about my speaking skills at that time... Anyway, time passed by and Perestroika went through changing our lives significantly. More people from around the world found visiting Russia quite a thrilling adventure.

My friends and I went public and established our first organization named the Science Fiction Society, on December, 1988. Soon there were over 1000 members and we became a well-known social space in Leningrad. Our international activity developed also. We helped many foreign businesses to plug into the Russian life as it was then... My task has always been to provide good communication between Russian and foreign counterparts as well as helping foreigners to make a proper contacts in Russia. Frankly speaking we had to do many things for the first time. But we were young and full of new ideas for a new Russian life at that time.

Since those adventurous years I have been involved in many challenging projects, each of which has contributed to my personal development. Presently at the fifty year mark of my life I have decided to share my skills by means of the internet. This web page you are now reading is a bridge for us to interact.
Alexey Kushnarenko. 'Conversation' 2004, EAE Gallery, Leiden, NL
If you are looking for personal contacts for your business interests or just translation solution to either Russian or English then please send me a brief description of your needs and I will promptly respond.

At your service!

P.S. In case you would like to see projects I am currently working on, please, follow this link: My Projects

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